Meet the New Boss!

MR ROS in all his Glory!
MR ROS in all his Glory!

This will be a Key West to remember. We just revealed our all-new ROS (Race Offshore) competition outboard, the new boss of the XCAT World Series. The engine is on display for all to see on the Mercury Racing truck in the Poker Run Village.

A sinister relative to the highly successful Verado 400R outboard, the potent 4-stroke racer makes its competition debut next weekend at the Dubai Grand Prix, round five of the 2015 XCAT World Series in Dubai, UAE. XCAT has partnered with Mercury Racing in the development of the engine that will replace the existing fleet of Mercury Racing 2-stroke 2.5L EFI race outboards.

XCAT World Series events are action packed and full of excitement. Photo Credit: XCAT World Series.

Ronan Morgan, CEO of World Professional Powerboating Association (WPPA) said, “All those involved in the XCAT World Series are looking forward to the introduction of the new Mercury four stroke engines. “Not only are these environmentally friendly, they are reliable and provide a huge increase to the horsepower and torque which are essential for an action packed weekend of racing.”

“As promoters of XCAT Racing, the WPPA have had a long-standing relationship with Mercury Racing. We’ve worked closely together in the testing and development of the engine to provide the ultimate in performance and fan experience,” Mr. Morgan Added.

The venerable 2.5 EFI 2-stroke Mercury’s have been a mainstay for many years and is still a solid product. Photo Credit: XCAT World Series.

Mercury Racing General Manager Erik Christiansen said, “We are very excited to launch our new Race Offshore competition outboard. The venerable 2.5 EFI 2-stroke Mercury’s have been a mainstay for many years and is still a solid product. The ROS builds on that foundation while using the four stroke technology today’s market demands.”

“We worked with the WPPA to develop a strong, reliable engine that meets the new U.A.E. exhaust emissions requirements. The ROS will be homologated into the Union Internationale Motonautique technical specifications for XCAT. Next season will be a transitional year with the entire XCAT field switching to the ROS four strokes for 2017. I’m looking forward to seeing our new engine compete next weekend in Dubai,” Erik said.

The ROS features the Verado 400R powerhead mounted on a durable billet midsection couble with the race proven Sport Master gearcase.
The ROS features the Verado 400R powerhead mounted on a durable billet midsection coupled with the race proven Sport Master gearcase.

The ROS features the 400R powerhead mounted on an all-new race midsection featuring the competition proven Mercury Racing heavy duty swivel clamp bracket assembly. A Sport Master gearcase transfers the ROS’s massive power to the water. And to ensure every revolution counts, we’ve developed an all-new line of CNC cleaver props specifically for the ROS.

The new XCAT ROS outboards will power the #3 X Dubai boat piloted by Arif Al Zaffain and Nadir Bin Heindi. The race will be streamed live via the XCAT World Series website.

Short in Stature –  Big in Performance

Short in Stature - Big in Performance!
Short in Stature – Big in Performance!

By appearance alone – it is obvious this isn’t a production Verado. In fact – the similarities end at the powerhead. The AMS midsection is replaced with a billet aluminum housing. Mercury Racing developed the new midsection to lower the overall engine center of gravity. The 10-inch mid, coupled with the heavy-duty swivel clamp bracket assembly, brings the overall engine mounting height to 15 inches – matching the current 2.5 EFI configurations. The low CG, combined with solid upper and lower engine mounts, is critical for overall handling at competition speeds – particularly when powering the high perf XCAT catamarans into and out of corners.

Check out the custom lower cowl. Yes - that is real carbon fiber! :)
Check out the custom lower cowl. Yes – that is real carbon fiber! 🙂

The ROS also utilizes a remote dry sump system which holds 8L of Mercury Racing Four Stroke Oil, the same semi-synthetic 25W-50 oil used to lubricate and ensure long life in the high output QC4v sterndrive product line. A carbon fiber lower cowl conceals the transition of powerhead to midsection. The lower front cowl features dual rigging tubes, one each for fuel and electrical systems. To assist in the repower of the fleet, the ROS uses the same high pressure fuel pump, also mounted in the boat, as the existing 2-strokes.

Zero Effort Controls with Digital Trim

Mercury Racing's high styled Zero Effort Digital controls.
Mercury Racing’s high styled Zero Effort Digital controls.

The ROS brings XCAT into the digital age with Mercury Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS). DTS replaces traditional throttle and shift cables with digital precision, resulting in smoother shifting and instant throttle response. Mercury Racing’s ergonomic, high-style Zero Effort® Digital controls precisely signal driver intent to the DTS equipped Mercury Racing ROS outboards.  An integral power trim switch in the throttle handle provides fingertip trim control. The DTS system also features one-touch Smart Start and automatic throttle synchronization.

XCAT Graphics

The XCAT World Series logo is prominently displayed on the rear cowl.
The XCAT World Series is prominently displayed on the rear cowl.

The Mercury Racing ROS features the XCAT World Series logo and color matched orange accent graphics. The custom graphics package is featured as a tribute to the series’ exclusivity in Mercury Racing power and their support in product development.


Custom Props

All-new five blade CNC Cleaver propellers were developed to transfer 400 hp to the water!
All-new five blade CNC Cleaver propellers were developed to transfer 400 hp to the water!

With the ROS comes a new line of five and six blade CNC Cleaver propellers. The Lab Finished props, featuring a high performance over the hub exhaust design, were developed specifically for surface piercing applications such as those endured in the rigors of offshore powerboat racing.

MR ROS - The New Boss of XCAT!
MR ROS – The New Boss of XCAT!

The props are rated for 400 h.p. and are available with blade rake angles of 13, 15, 18 or  21 degrees. A variety of pitch sizes are available to dial-in each hull for maximum efficiency and performance.

I can’t wait to see the new engines compete next weekend in Dubai. I expect them to make a statement – both on and off the race course!




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29 thoughts on “Meet the New Boss!”

  1. I love where Mercury racing is going. As a fan of the big two strokes, I felt like there was more power there, but in this day and age four strokes are imminent.

    I currently am running twin 300xs on my 2013 Carbon-Kevlar Daytona Eliminator. Will these new motor be available for consumers (poker run is all I do)

    I love that America continues to own the performance boating market.

    1. Hi Jim;
      We are considering the possibility of offering a consumer model of the ROS. There are many factors to be considered.

      1. Hello Rick

        i had connected AIM display on the system. i am reading H20 pressure which goes above 200 psi can you guide me if i Aim reading it right. i also have block pressure which changes how the engine is mounted from 14 to 25 psi which is right. just dont know where the h20 pressure coming from thanks.

  2. Why even share this if this engine is not going to be offered in the USA ? There is a demand for it in the US!!!! Makes me not ever want to buy another Mercury product!!

    1. Hi Tim:
      We wanted to provide the engine a proper release in advance of its competition debut as a released product next week in Dubai. The display of it on our mobile marketing truck in Key West makes sense to enable those whom are there an opportunity to see it in person. While true it is not available to the general public – being a competition only product sold without a warranty, it can still be purchased for racing. We hope other race organizations adopt the engine. A consumer model could be considered if warranted.

    1. Hello Jr.
      The ROS is a competition only engine – sold without a warranty. The XCAT World Series is the first race organization to embrace the engine. We will wait and see what the reaction is to the ROS and then possibly consider a consumer model.

  3. We all in Swecat Racing are proud to be one of the first team to order the new BIG BOSS, You all have done a fantastic job! Thanks ! We arrive to Dubai late Monday, Best Regards from us all in Swecat Racing!

    1. Hello Niklas.
      Thanks for your kind comments. Congratulations on your ROS purchase. Are you racing them next week? Please send photos! Good luck and be safe!

  4. Hi,
    Nice to see something new in the outboard field! As i have been racing in UIM F1 WC years and still following series so could this engine replace also old 2,5L in F1 Championship? It would be nice to see something new also on F1 catamarans.
    BR Patu Leppälä

    1. Hi Patu:
      Thank you for your kind words. The F1 tunnel boats are in need of new power as well. Perhaps it would be possible to come up with a tunnel boat variant of the ROS.

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  6. This is all great for the offshore and international market. What about all of us in USA that need the lower weights of the 2.5l 2 strokes for our Allison’s and other such boats. We helped make you what you are and now you are leaving us with nothing in way of 250+HP and Rpms at a #400 weight. Lots of market still here!

    1. Hi Roy.
      I appreciate your input. We are aware of the various hulls designed around the 2.5 EFI 2-strokes. We are continuously reviewing the market and product options. We will consider your input when reviewing segment needs in the future.

  7. Just a question if you could help with the answer. The 200XS SST has a rated RPM of 8000. The 200XS ROS has a rated RPM of 7000. I was wanting to know why they are not the same.


    1. Hi Bob:
      The exhaust pipe length is different between the two models. The 200XS ROS and SST models need different fuel calibrations to get the right torque curves for the offset in weight between the two classes.

  8. All I can say its awesome invention by Mercury Racing. 4-stroke rocks on the water. More then biggest baddest on the planet.

  9. I thought I was dreaming when I saw the 400 ROS
    In Key West,How long would it take to come out with a consumer
    Version of it ??

    1. Hi Tom:

      All efforts are on the ROS and building engines to support the 2016 XCAT World Series race season. There are no plans to produce a consumer version of the engine at this time.

  10. Is the 300XS available in a 15 inch mid? We have a few here in Florida.You have to have the right Mechanic. Also, we are running the 400R on Bass Boat applications, and they are something do deal with getting to the fishing spots.

    1. Hi Ron,
      The OptiMax 300XS is available with 20″, 25″ or 30″ mid sections. We are aware of some 15″ mids out there. They are not ours. I’m curious regarding your 400R bass application comment. Tell me more.

    1. Hi Mike;
      You can purchase any of our outboards from your local Mercury Outboard dealer. We can only quote retail pricing on-line. I suggest you see your dealer who can provide you the best pricing.

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